Thursday, December 31, 2020

Perfect the rearview mirror - Ode to 2020


On this 420th Anniversary of the founding of the world’s most insidious invention – the British East India Company and with it the Limited Liability Corporation – we find ourselves reviewing a year that has shown exactly how the limitation of liability has unleashed more tyranny than Queen Elizabeth I could have ever dreamed in her most ghoulish imaginations.  I suppose “mommy issues” are to be expected when your mom is executed by your dad – King Henry VIII when you are two and a half years of age.  The Virgin Queen, on this day 420 years ago, could not have imagined that advancing the conquests pitting Muslim, Hindu, and Christian against one another in blood-soaked savagery for the preceding centuries into corporate adventure would land in this day when liability-immune corporations can insinuate into the DNA of humanity a form of conquest for which no remedy will be found.  Thus is the passing of this year of their lords two thousand and twenty.


In the face of malevolence, I find myself returning to the habit of my year-end ritual – my expression of gratitude for the Saints that have accompanied my year.  And while the forces of darkness did their level best to keep fraternity at bay with masks and 2-meter distancing, I find that the global account of riches of human connection are full and overflowing in this year of the bizarre.  So ample are my new acquaintances that I must break from tradition and nominate a few who represent the many as to name each one of you would drain an ocean of ink.


For the energy that animated the year, I’m grateful to the steadfast efforts of the M·CAM team who, against all odds, persisted in the most challenging of times.  The love, laughter and fellowship of guests around our table; the generous hospitality of tables spread for us across the country; and, the constant sufficiency of sustenance the body, mind, and soul lead my gratitude.


The community that has grown this year has been without precedent.  While missing my global family cast across Papua New Guinea, Australia, Egypt, Mongolia, Europe, South Africa, Peru and my biological family in innumerable ways, I have been enriched with teeming hordes of amazing people who variously met us through Future Dreaming, Butterflies of the Week, the readers of Lizards Eat Butterflies, viewers of IndoctorNation, and Liberty Lockdown and the countless interviews I’ve done with many of you throughout the year. 


If one were to nominate the greatest side-effect of the WHO’s World At Risk September 2019 call for a scenario involving a global respiratory pathogen release, few could have imagined the conspirators’ arrogance in suggesting that propaganda could be mistaken for knowledge.  In their encore in September 2020, they had the audacity to lead their report A World in Disorder with:


“Never before has the world been so clearly forewarned of the dangers of a devastating pandemic, nor previously had the knowledge, resources and technologies to deal with such a threat. Yet, never before has the world witnessed a pandemic of such widespread and destructive social and economic impact.”


I’m grateful that “science” and “scientists” have, in the main, been shown to be the handmaidens of state propaganda fearing famine in their rice bowls rather than evidencing even a modicum of integrity when insults to science are passed off as the official narrative.  When we can eliminate influenza by making up a new diagnosis of a disease with no documentable evidence – the sellout is complete.


This year has demonstrated the abject failure of a monetary system in which heads of state, governors, mayors, and unelected despots can deprive humans of their wages with impunity!  Throwing sand in the carburetor of the engine of the economy – small business – this has been the year that self-evidently outs the corporatocracy that defines the world from Amazon to Facebook; from Google to Pfizer; and makes once and for all a mockery of the lip-service politicians pay to supporting entrepreneurship.  Souls sold cheaply at the ballot-box have shown us their mettle and it is pyrite – not gold.


The fallacy of virtual, digital, and augmented society has been laid bare.  We are one electromagnetic impulse (solar or weaponized) from an annihilation of what we describe as civilization and we’re the better for seeing that now.  A bomb blast in front of an AT&T store can shut down air traffic control?  Imagine when your state-supplied stipend to live your state-sanctioned life is delivered to you on your smart phone that tracks your every move, moment, and memory.  We’ve placed our bets on a digital fallacy and we have been given a glimpse at precisely how frail that is.  We’ve been told that health is measured by a lab – not by vitality.  In violation of the Federal Trade Commission’s own laws, we’ve been told that illusions protect us from disease.  Far from technologically advanced, we’re now living on a virtual thread hanging over a chasm of destruction and we’ve got time to change our relationship to this virtual reality before the cord snaps.


I’m better this year because of friends old and new.  For the persistent gratitude of the Fully Live community; for the fellowship of James, Steph and the Powerful U orbit; for the global reach of Mikki Willis’ artistic genius and the entire Elevate team; for Bob Kendall and his abiding support; for Amanda and Lorraine’s relentless connection linking north and south; for Zach Bush and the Seraphic team; for Del, Andrew, Cordie, Imani, Sacha, Bobby, Mary, Leland, George, Leslie, Tom, Kerry, Richard, Peter, Nicolas, and the myriad of light workers across the globe who light the constellation of promise for a brighter tomorrow – thank you.  For Sienna and Zach and your unfailing connection to joy and happiness.  And above all, on this last night of the end of 2020, my Queen, my love, and the Light of each morning – Kim, I couldn’t have done this year without you. 







  1. Welcome to 2021 hoping its all you want it to be my friend. My wish for this year is the same as it has been for many years, a kinder world. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year! 2020 was a year to remember... remembering who you are and remembering why you're here.

    Here's to 2021 and setting conscious intentions that will help light up and inspire humanity across the world.

    Thank you for your work.

  3. David,
    Thank you so much for all of your comments including the Focus on Fauci video that you participated in. Would you be able to share the specific regulations that you mentioned as far as why these medical devices are not vaccines including the NIH or CDC rules and regulations and the CDRH definition? It would be helpful to me and many people as we endeavor to push back on this narrative

  4. Hi David, I have a question. We have gain of function research on the one hand. On the other hand we have no isolated, purified virus. How do we reconcile the two? Does it mean that when they play with the gain of function research, they literally don't control what they are doing, but rather rely on blind chance but simply poking in the infinite stack of hay of viruses? "Let's just mix the stuff, who knows what we might find and what could emerge?" Could you provide some clarity on this? Thank you.

    1. Alex, I've been trying to resolve this too. David addresses this here: So at least you have his version now, though his statements beg some elucidation.

  5. The Crown passed to the owners of The City of London Corporation (the worshipful company of Goldsmiths as they were styled at the time of Magna Charta). When they acquired ownership of all estates of four nations (England, Cymry, Scotland and Eire) in allodial / udal title through the English Civil War 1642, they folded the BEIC into the corporate structure of the Bank of England 1697. When they created the legal fiction of the UK in the Acts of Settlement that Joint Stock Company is the foundation of the international money trust that is the pyramid of central banks that owns all nations / governments as assets of the corporate structure.


Thank you for your comment. I look forward to considering this in the expanding dialogue. Dave