Friday, December 31, 2021

Eis ignosce inquit, Nam non sciunt quid eos facere – 2021 Benediction



Forgive their actions in ignorance, for they know not what they do!  These words, reportedly stated by Jesus during the heinous act of Roman soldiers driving nails through his hands and feet, seem to be fitting as a benediction for 2021.  Countless physicians, nurses, and pharmacists, using their own sharp objects, have participated in the greatest mass hypnosis harm perpetrated on humanity in recorded history. 


Never before have ‘healers’ engaged in an orchestrated act of domestic terrorism at the scale seen in 2021.  Now, with the passing of the year of murder and injury under the fig leaf excuse of “public health”, we see that my warning in 2020 has come true.  While marketing an experimental gene therapy as a technology to prevent infection and transmission of a contrived ‘disease’, we’ve witnessed the death and harm to humans sacrificed on the altar of pseudo-science.  As of this writing on the last day of 2021, nearly 731,432 people in the U.S. have been killed (9,765) or harmed by industrial pharmaceutical companies acting under the organized crime regime of Dr. Anthony Fauci.  And in a nuance lost by EVERY fact-checking organization, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and the PREP Act’s Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) (repeatedly stated to be ‘unreliable’ by the promoters of the injections) is required to be accurate by the 1986 statute and implied under the 2005 Act, respectively. If these not accurate, the immunity shield protecting manufacturers is rendered moot!


Quite possibly, one of the greatest ironies of the plandemic has been the emasculation of the institution of religion.  Once the “moral” guide for social values standing against scientific eugenics, we’ve seen the church pay the price for the 30 pieces of silver the State offered in exchange for abject fealty to fear and terror.  With shuttered doors and silenced prophetic voices, we’ve seen the evisceration of morality with the embrace of gene therapy and its coming progeny, CRISPR.  What was morally reprehensible when sheep were cloned in 1996 has now been embraced by the lambs at the slaughter!


With the advent of 2022, we stand on precipice of a world in which the mutant hybrid will seek to crush the organic wild type.  Mao’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) was merely a caricature of the Global Reset tyranny unleashed across the globe today.  To date, not one elected official, not one law enforcement agency, and not one activist organization has stood in the face of the criminal conspiracy that continues to persist without opposition.  While I’ve met with thousands of people who are aghast in the face of what is happening, to date, very few have stepped forward to assist in bringing the real perpetrators to justice.


But it is THOSE who have that are my gratitude for the year past. 


Most timely, I’m grateful to my friend and colleague George Wentz, who, on this New Years Eve, for the FIRST TIME in any legal proceeding, filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in which he DID NOT cede the linguistic stipulation of “vaccines” when referring to the Spike Protein bioweapon.  Filing on behalf of America’s Frontline Doctors in opposition to the horrific and misleading 6th Circuit OSHA ruling, our collaboration represents the first submission to any U.S. court in which we do not fall for the World Health Organization’s February 11, 2020 trap in which ALL of humanity has been ensnared!


I am grateful, in this year past, for Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) who has been willing to give a voice to those who are harmed by the bioweapon sold as a medical countermeasure.


I am grateful for Utah Senators Stuart Adams and Kirk Cullimore who have been willing to be educated on the criminal conspiracy upon the recommendation of Stanford Graham and John Hewlett.


I am grateful for Frank Priebe, Debbie Torrance, Amanda Jackson, Tim and Carla White, Denise Grigsby, Jean Derderian, and the Fully Live alumni who have been relentless in their sharing of vital content.


I am grateful for the alternative media platforms and people like Stew Peters, Dr. Jane Ruby, Lara Logan, Ben Swann, The Highwire, Mikki Willis and the Elevate Team, Don Neuen and Donna Fiducia, Clay Clark, Pete Santilli, Cal Calahan, Kyle Kingsbury, Denby Jane, Pat Armisted, Pete Evans, Emily Moyer, Dani Katz, James Howard Kunstler, Bryan Ardis, Seth Holhouse, Patrick Gentempo, Jeff Hays, Sherri Tenpenny, Christiane Northrup, Bryan Ingram, HRTX, and countless others who have taken the time to educate their audiences on the crimes being committed and the actions we can take.


I’m grateful to James Purpura and the Activate Humanity community for their relentless commitment to engage in civil discourse at a time when controversy and bellicosity is the norm.


I’m grateful for the endless encouragement from my dear friends Bob Kendall, Amanda Gore, and the Living Abundantly family and Dave Bryan's beautiful community at Church of Glad Tidings. 


I am grateful to my beautiful kids who serve as constant inspiration for the generations to come and for the tangible expression of that which is unfolding. 


And, as I take my intrepid leap into the coming of 2022, I’m grateful for my wife Kim.  While the journey of life with me is not one for the faint of heart, that she has stood resolute in the face of the adversity that has been directed my way for my outspoken positions is a tribute her indomitable spirit. 


And in a bit of fun, I’m grateful to those who, unable to find fault with my words spoken in truth, have decided to assassinate my character by their fantasies about symbols and imagery.  While they seek to decipher ‘meaning’ behind my corporate logo, my totems and graphics, they miss the fact that symbols are those things that remind us to consider that which is the unseen essence within.  So, for everyone who is motivated to look for hidden meanings, I offer this symbol of the passing year.  Let’s see if we can guess it’s meaning!  Hint: it may have something to do with the opening of this blog.  Have fun!