Sunday, December 31, 2023

Setting Sights on 2024 with Gratitude



In the Fall of 1803, the color-blind Quaker John Dalton proposed that nature could be understood through the “simplicity rule” that gave us our modern “atomic” model of reality.  Proposing the distinction of elements based on relative weights, his work preceded the later-century Russian dream that gave us Dimitri Mendeleev’s Periodic Table in 1869.  While “science” has dogmatically embraced the work of these 19th century natural philosophers, both of them arrived at their finest contributions through inspiration – not arduous experimentation.


2023 was a year haunted by the ghosts of these two obscure figures of history.  Dalton’s atomization has become the social engineering model of choice reducing the complexity of society into contrived dualism.  “Pro” and “Anti” have served to render thought and consideration anathema to nuanced humanity.  With vapid chronicity, those who seek to peddle their animus rely on tired memes in an effort to conscript the reflexive atrophied hordes into Pavlovian-frenzied conspiracies seeking the valence of those who have anemic discernment exsanguinated by the anonymized keyboards from which their vigilantism can spew.  We are, in a word, a world divided.  But not by substance.  Rather, we are actively BEING divided.


So, in this final communication of 2023, it is my desire, as it is each year, to reflect on the Litany of the Saints who, despite this maelstrom of division, have stood to build a more connected humanity.  And, as in each year, I recite those who have had greatest impact in my life, each one I mention represents a throng of others who embody attributes that have made this year one that advanced the cause of humanity in my direct experience.


David Lopez left an indelible mark on this year.  Through his fraternity and generosity, my life was enriched in every dimension.  His passion for distributing the important public messages I had to share amplified the great contributions of Mikki Willis, the late Dr. Zev Zelenko, and countless others expanding the reach of conversations with Seth Holehouse, Tommy Robinson, Russell Brand, and the appearances at the EU Parliament (organized by the ICS) and the UK Parliament (at the invitation of John Bowe and MP Andrew Bridgen).  His brother Daniel recalibrated my social media reach on X and other platforms.  In business, he facilitated the invaluable connection to global luminaries like Robbie Lavia, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, John Eleoterio, Tom Williams, Ernie Lee, Xavier Adsera, and many more.   Above all, David stood shoulder-to-shoulder in every moment of the year affording me what few in life ever experience – fidelity above and beyond duty.


Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg and Malue Montclairre served to step into a role that once was occupied by my dear late sister Theresa Arek.  These women – along with the likes of Marla Maples, Linda Swain, Dr. Crisanna Shackelford – placed the importance of informing the public above their personal reputation and interest and showed a relentless commitment to advance the betterment of humanity in the face of relentless opposition.  Through their work and the support of Lilly Defina, several of my public presentations reached over half the world’s population.  And while detractors have attempted to attack my character or credential, not one has succeeded in undermining the reach of incontrovertible facts or our relentless commitment to their faithful representation.


For another year, my colleagues and investors at M•CAM International, Purple Bridge Funds, Activate Clean Energy LLC, and RASA Energy Inc. have honored me with the confidence to lead these organizations through challenging economic times and end the year with each organization at its strongest, best capitalized, and most globally impactful position in each companies’ respective life.  In contrast to the saccharin-fueled ‘leadership’ aspirations sold by commercial industry, I’ve done my best to enshrine the values of accountability and integrity befitting leadership bestowed, not sought.  These values, enshrined in the Cyropaedia by Xenophon are echoed in the soon to be released book, Bringing the Right Arm Back: a Journey in Sufi Corporate Leadership, by my dear friend and colleague Dr. Moustapha Sarhank.


The community of alumni and friends of Kim and my Fully Live and Breathing Enterprise workshops have continued to enrich our lives.  After last year’s inaugural 12 Senses workshop in Boulder Colorado (there are still a few spots left for the one upcoming in two weeks at we were able to see hundreds of people engaging their lives more fully and become greater contributors to a better humanity.  These efforts concluded this year with Kim and my one-day event at the Church of Glad Tidings in Yuba City California where we discussed ways in which we could take more responsibility for the lives we experience and make a greater positive impact in the world around us (


This year, our family grew with the birth of our first granddaughter.  The kids have been a source of considerable joy with new beginnings – from first steps to university – punctuating the year.


It is fitting to end this message with the acknowledgement of Kim.  It is incomprehensible to see the chasm that has been placed in the way of men and women finding a path to genuine harmony.  From callous societal tropes and cliché maxims to genuine animosity and derision, the enmity sown in our earliest myths and stories has ensured that most people never find the capacity for unfettered union and the possibilities thereof.  In this year, I’ve been honored to strive with Kim to see our pure, undefiled essence emerge so that we, man and woman, can contemplate and experience an unconstrained humanity.  This year has not been a luxurious repose in the garden.  It has involved delving into some of the darkest corners of our lives and removing that which does not serve our highest and best essence.  But, intrepid to the core (also read, stubborn), we have persisted and have emerged in the closing days of this year, more aligned in purpose, more united in vision, and more convinced that the greater song of humanity is yet unsung.  And hand-in-hand, we enter 2024 rejuvenated in the promise of that which is possible when Light shines in the darkness and we chose connection rather than distinction.