Sunday, March 15, 2020

Step 3 Error – the Coronavirus is Our Behaviour

Some of you remember school  lessons on the Scientific Method – you know, the catechism that replaced the anachronism called religion, myth and belief!  In it, we were told that, to access ‘truth’, we needed to:

Step 1                  Construct a Theory or Purpose;
Step 2                  Formulate a Hypothesis;
Step 3                  Collect Data and Test the Hypothesis;
Step 4                  Analyze the Data;
Step 5                  Draw Conclusions; and,
Step 6                  Communicate the Conclusions for Critique or Consumption.

While we’ve enjoyed the low grade fever of ‘climate change’ expertise masquerading under the guise of ‘science’ for years, the recent coronavirus alleged pandemic is the latest in a monotonous hypnotic drone of faux crises that demonstrate our abject failure to comply with our own illusion.  And while real economic and social harm is being orchestrated by police-state interventions under the broad reaching guise of ‘public health’, what we know is that we don’t know enough to place this in the hands of ‘scientists’ based on their and our own contempt for the basis of the scientific method. 

We’ve jumped from Step 1 to Steps 5 and 6 with abject contempt for that which we state to adjudicate ‘science’.  And while I’m deeply sympathetic to the hundreds of thousands of health care workers, public health agencies, and others who are activated to support the charade, at some point, we have to call bullshit on this farce.

Step 1 – Our theory:  A Novel Virus…

SARS-CoV-2 is not “a virus” at all.  By this, I mean that virologist Christian Drosten’s genetic sequencing of the virus taken from a German who was infected in Italy and published on February 28, 2020, showed that there were numerous ‘mutations’ “not seen in early sequences from China.”  (  When Laura Gillim-Ross and her colleagues at Diagnostic Hybrids, Inc (Athens, OH) first patented a SARS-cornoavirus detection technology on November 3, 2003, they made explicit reference to the fact that the SARS-CoV had numerous variants (U.S. Patent 7,129,042).  For those of you not prone to counting, this patent on a diagnostic kit was filed 17 years ago.  Now owned by Quidel (Nasdaq: QDEL), the data disclosed on their patent filings make it abundantly clear that SARS-CoV defies novelty by constantly and substantially mutating.  The consensus from the over 100 gene sequences taken from real patients shows that there are several strains of the current ‘outbreak’ proving that the suggestion that we’ve got novelty is an illusion at best.

Step 2 – Formulate a hypothesis:  It’s the Wuhan (a foreign) Virus

While there’s every reason to assume – based on the sketchy reporting and misleading media – that the severity of this coronavirus expression tragically took a massive toll on the Hubei Province in China (the full extent of which we will never know), one cannot pinpoint a source in an environment in which testing is not performed.  We do not know how many cases of fatal severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus have been undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as we have not been testing for it!  That China – albeit, too late – admitted to having the problem doesn’t confer upon it a point of origin.  That it was isolated is based on observational testing – something that the rest of the world has not been prone to do.  Chinese virologist Shi Zhengli is to be commended for studying bats and bat guano laden caves thereby isolating numerous variants of coronavirus.  (She should also be heeded as she has warned of many more that haven’t made the human jump…yet!).  And let’s be clear – bats appear to be a rather compelling indicator of coronavirus load ( so obviously we should pre-emptively cancel American baseball…forever!

Step 3 – Collect data and test the hypothesis

And this is where we have indicted our complete contempt for the very science we revere!  We’re not collecting data in part because, in the 17 years since the tests have been patented, we just haven’t given a shit.  That was until the affluent, cruise-ship-going, senior citizens upon whom the incumbent power structure depends started getting sick.  And then, all hell breaks loose…almost.  We still aren’t testing a population in a sufficient manner to calculate an infection rate, morbidity rate, or mortality rate.  Yet foolish politicians are collapsing markets, crushing small businesses, disrupting education, cancelling normal activities without a shred of evidence that we know what we’re accomplishing.  The best news is, that when we find out that this was a fire drill for mass media fueled sociological modeling of fear based control, social media, the media, and politicians will have a perfect model of the propagation of insanity so they can use it again.

The data that is being collected is YOU!  Your fears, your behavior, your willingness to be herded into the sheep abattoir!  Think I’m wrong?  Well here’s a challenge.  Find a single evidence-based argument that includes a challenge to the three first steps in the scientific method being used to base ANY RECOMMENDATION coming from ANY GOVERNMENT!  There are none!

You are not going to get the coronavirus.  Statistically speaking, regardless of any pandemic model, I’m correct.  Now YOU might be the outlier.  But since we don’t know that which is knowable, it’s far more likely that this is nothing more than a check on the degree to which our behavior has been hybridized into social media fueled madness.  And that, my friends, is a virus that has infected far too many. 

So, wash your hands.  If you've got a bug, rest and take care of yourself away from others.  And if you have bats around, STOP petting them!



  1. "So, wash your hands. If you've got a bug, rest and take care of yourself away from others..." --- and stay hydrated, which you should be doing anyway, as the technology-based social amplification experiment continues to ramp up...

    1. Reading this four years later and the truths hold just as true as when it was posted!

  2. Today's generation is so manipulated through social media and liberal propaganda. Wake up people and ditch the fear mongering! Seek out all truths first.

  3. Loving the content your pumping out. You and Kim are doing a great job, David. I've researched the Deep State for the past 20+ years and have a semi fascination with the f'ing deaths by vaccination/viruses, LSD, and the crazy ass experiments these sick bastards have been pulling off for what seems forever. Thank you for providing references. It helps to have the timelines down!

  4. ‘“hypnotic drone of faux crises that demonstrate our abject failure to comply with our own illusion”

    We really do have no excuses Dave, we clearly do create our own illusion, perhaps with a little help from outer forces, but in the end the reality we have each and everyone of us is not only complicit in cresting but we are the actual creator of it.


Thank you for your comment. I look forward to considering this in the expanding dialogue. Dave