Saturday, May 10, 2014

Generative Enterprise: Breathing Life Into Business

A Model For Human Endeavors

Humanity has engaged in the audacity of enterprise from its inception.  Far from passive acceptance of the natural ecosystem in which they find themselves, humans share an impulse to modify their living conditions for perceived security, efficiency, status, luxury and community.  Awareness is growing that some of these activities are actually harming our capacity to persist as a species.  Ecosystem degradation through reckless exploitation has cost us quality and capacity of life and, on the present trajectory, our viability is jeopardized through abuse, apathy and neglect.  In the face of this growing awareness, notions of “sustainability” and “resilience” have gained popularity in public and private sector endeavors.  Regrettably many of these concepts and their experimental deployments have failed to fundamentally challenge the dominant parasitic paradigms giving rise to very crisis they seek to ameliorate.  Reflexes ranging from “corporate social responsibility” to “biomimicry” to “blue economy” have been triggered by plastic failures and the anticipation thereof.  Source-derived models that draw on the only things in the universe we know to be persistently generative – magnetism, light, and plasma – are bypassed for complex, adaptive, accommodative systems.  In short, we’re assuming plastic destructive paradigms can be retrofitted with ethical elasticity thereby seeking a panacea rather than structural reformation.

At the emergence of socialization of the species, principles of reverence, fertility, and cyclicality were inextricably woven into our social narrative.  The interlocking tapestry of human life – the intersection of photosynthesis which stitches together that which oxidative metabolism harnesses for perpetual existence – is woven with such elegant simplicity that we don’t give it a passing thought.  However if we understand the symmetric mysteries of C6H22O11 upon which all life is generated and upon which all animating abundance is experienced by our species we can understand the importance of a Generative Breathing Enterprise where Light and Magnetism serve as the architect of persistent, generative enterprise animated into action by the plasma arc of inspiration.

This is not a theoretical framework.  It is the indisputable observable reality and, as such, transcends model to mandate for developing the effortless dance of work and enterprise.  This is a call to emancipate dependency on surrogacy in favor of the accountable assimilation of the manifest abundance that exists around us as Commodity, Custom & Culture, Knowledge, Money, Technology, and Well-Being.  Most importantly, based on Generative Enterprise, some of the world’s most intractable challenges have literally evaporated into the mists of industrial haze when engaged with a simple breath.

Choosing Generative Enterprise requires discernment (the synthesis of sensory inputs and coordinated, multi-perspectival diffraction) and animated engagement.  Gone are excuses for inaction fueled by monochromatic scarcity.  They are replaced with immediate, progressive action at the moment of plasma arc where magnetism (Integral Accounting Value Units) and Light (emanation) are fully and completely engaged.  Gone are ephemeral seductions (business plans and funding pitches) and in their place are evidentiary invitations for collaborative engagement with communal abundance network proliferation.  Budgets give way to Accountable Provisioning.  Profit is consider as the possible observed evidence of unaccounted costs which then serves as a diagnosis for careful “all-in-cost” reflection. 

The model is quite simple and is outlined below.  Generative Enterprise replicates the dance around the fulcrum of sweet living – glucose.  Formed from the photosynthetic union of sunlight and expired carbon bathed in the waters of life springing from Source, glucose is the universal currency of abundance manifest.  Oxidative metabolism within the mitochondria serves as the framework for that which is engaged – the Generative Enterprise.  Using this model, we can precisely see the process of glycolosis (the engagement with commodity first impulses), the oxidation (the organization of energetic ecosystems) and phosphorylation (the movement of energy across a gradient).  The image below shows the precise interplay of Generative Enterprise recognizing that a precursor to this image is a genuine and comprehensive Integral Audit. 

From this basic framework of Generative Enterprise, we will examine each component of the process and work to translate our incumbent unsustainable impulses into persistent, gratitude denominated endeavors for a true humanity.


  1. I love this! Thank you for the truly amazing conversation today. May the truth inherent his this continue to brighten the world.

  2. Hello, David:
    I want to say that I am amazed at the coherence of all your writing. Whatever the issue you write about I can see the underlying string that links all your words. How we, human beings, can honour and celebrate the sacredness of life through our actions and endeavours in everyday life, without, as you explored in a previous post, trying to be extraordinary or something like that. Just our ordinariness and impulse to create and transform our reality in the name of beauty. This post resonates very much within me. I have been thinking in the last months about how flawed is the mainstream approach to reversing the ecological crisis, just by recycling, consuming less,etc., and all this talk about sustainability when it is lacking, first the realization that this is not just an ecological crisis, but just an outer expression of a deeper crisis. And second and most mportant I find lacking the need of individual transformation through a deeper connection with nature where all our views, efforts and narrative must come from. And not through any religion, ideology or the like but through our everyday actions and endeavours. In your words, through "persistent,gratitude denominated endeavors for a true humanity".
    For me this is true spirituality without having to look for it elsewhere. Spirituality that is inherent and intrinsic to the our acting in the world as a way of being, not superhumans, but truly human.
    Thank you for your continuous efforts exposing and exploring of what is behind and underlying of the facts of human reality.
    Looking forward to the exploration of the elements of the proccess you call generative enterprise.

  3. I like your make it really interesting.keep up with the good work ! :)


Thank you for your comment. I look forward to considering this in the expanding dialogue. Dave