Saturday, September 26, 2009

When Green Meets Gold

John Schmidt and I will be discussing the interplay between economic systems and the adoption of ethical prosperity energy, water, and infrastructure systems. Here's John's summary of the conversation which will be broadcast live on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 at 2pm EDT on VoiceAmerica Business...

When Green Meets Gold

David Martin PhD., Executive Chairman of M-CAM ( —the international leader in innovation finance and trade—returns to ZOOM’D for a further riveting look at the relationship between the world’s growing green economy and the current global system of finance in a show entitled “When Green Meets Gold.” David reveals realities of the financial system to be aware of, describes the underbelly of inertia and barriers that complicate responses to climate change, and points to a view of positive movement that showcases potential, not gloom and doom. The global financial crises may have a silver lining—offering opportunities not before seen at scale and around which engaged leadership across society can be mobilized. This ZOOM’D segment initiates explicit emphasis on visions for a desirable future—which extend beyond the polarities, doomsday clamor, and fear that pervades much of the dialogue going on within this era of extraordinary change.

To listen to the show, please point your browser to...


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