Monday, March 28, 2016

Ecclesiastical Chocolate Bunnies

Fourteen days after the New Moon on the Ecclesiastical Lunar Calendar.  Hmmm, let’s see… Easter must be about Christianizing the Jewish Passover with the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus, or the best time to eat too much chocolate!  Oh, and the Passover must be the Abrahamic overlay to the Isis and Osiris festival of fertility.  Egypt may have been inspired by the Mesopotamian Inana / Ishtar cults that found the vernal equinox the cause of sacred reverence for fertility.  And so on and so on.  On the foundation of one “indigenous” and “pagan” ritual, the dominant ones build their sacred!  How tired a story this is.  Fourteen days.  What else is 14 days?  Oh, that’s right.  In folk medicine and present endocrine research, the relationship with lunar light exposure seems to be associated with ovulation[1].  In a recent epidemiological study, conception at full moon disproportionately favored male births while waxing, waning and no moons favored female births.[2]  Could it be that the Exodus, the Inana / Ishtar Mesopotamian fertility rites, and the Constantinian obsession with the vernal equinox as a date for the rites of Christianity’s Easter all have as much or more to do with fertility than they do with religious icons?   

Now there’s a strong temptation on my part to go down the tangent of railing against the illusion that anyone has a monopoly on “truth” or “right” given the preponderance of evidence stating that we are hopelessly predictable in our lack of creativity.  Everybody’s got their Creation, Flood, Burial and Resurrection, and Final Judgement stories and myths and the numbers of days 6, 40, 3, and eternity are the same in every human contrivance to explain why: a) you’re bad for being human; and, b) someone or something is going to get you so be very scared (a.k.a. behave in a manner that reinforces the dominant power structure du jour).  I could comment on the irony that the best we seem to get is our pathetic re-narration of tired myths in which, the mere changing of the names we place on the pantheon makes our story “right” and all other stories “wrong”.  I could observe that it’s precisely this abject ignorance that lands us in a world where our elections are rigged for theatrics while masses suffer unnecessarily.  But this would be a rant and not an appropriate blog post so I’m going to leave all of those topics for another day!  Whew!  Dodged a metaphoric bullet from a concealed carry at the Republican nominating convention!

What I do find instructive about the Fertility Rites of Spring and their attendant invocation of “new life” and “fertility” is a much more profound insight that has been missing from the economy for as long as the illusion of debt has dominated our economic framework.  The agrarian impulses of the Tigris and Euphrates, the Yellow and the Yangtze, the Susquehanna and the Mississippi, the Amazon and the Nile realized that life on this planet happened in seasons.  Floods moved silted ground into lands that could be easily tilled for planting.  The warm summers gave rise to the bountiful harvests that would feed the children born of Spring mating rites.  A world filled with Scorpios and Sagittarians was a world of independent nomads and wanders who could live on the frontiers and optimistic social beings, respectively.  These were the infants that lived because they had ample food most of the time. 

With the advent of industrial and mercantile impulses that built towns, cities and states, the rhythm of the spheres was drowned out by the clang of steel, the pump of the bellows, the belching of smoke and steam, the whir of engines, and the hypnotic pulse of 60Hz current.  And we fell out of rhythm.  Mate when you want.  Eat summer fruit in the middle of winter (so long as you can enslave the Southern hemisphere dwellers into indenture to the capricious whims of the Northern dwellers and vice versa).  Discontinue the respect and reverence for the rhythm of natural terrestrial and cosmic cycles because clearly they don’t include wisdom that can be relevant in our automated, grandiose view of Self. 

We celebrate Easter when we do because a 4th century Pope decided that we must poke a stick in the eyes of the “sinful” Jews.  The Jews celebrate Passover because rabbis decided to poke a stick in the eyes of the Egyptians.  Egyptians celebrate Isis and Osiris union because they decided to poke a stick in the Mesopotamians.  And because we’re so busy poking each other in the metaphoric eye, we blind ourselves to the wisdom that once realized that celebrating our interactive role in the universe allowed us to duration match our social and economic interactions.  Our current view of debt, risk, economic cycles, etc. are all a direct result of our failure to match our actions with the natural pace of the actions in our ecosystem.  We build where we want and then lament the wind and storm.  We tower above the fault lines and puzzle about the collapse of buildings.  We belch smoke and noxious materials into the air and wonder why we can’t breathe and why our oceans are dying.  In short, we pretend to be victims of that which we don’t include in our illusion of control while all the while decreasing our resilience by contrived social conventions.

If we wish to form a More Perfect Union, we would be well advised to begin listening to the music of the spheres – the Orphean sweeter song – and start dancing back into rhythms long forgotten.  Go outside tonight and listen.  It’s still singing and asking, “will you remember my night song when the Son rises?”

[1] Law, SP.  “The regulation of menstrual cycle and its relationship to the moon.”  Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand.  1986; 65(1):45-8.
[2] Sakar, M and Biswas NM. “Influence of moonlight on the birth of male and female babies.”  Nepal Med Coll J, 2005 June; 7(1):62-4.


  1. It has occurred to me that the orientation to heaven, the belief system(s) that have striven to over-ride terrestrial patternings, and all the consequential apocalyptic dissonance resulting from so many generations supplanting ecological context with deferrals of fulfillment, while driving incentives for collective salvation into the unit of individual agency, may actually be a means for this planet to spit us out into some forays of galactic colonization. The long shadow of expectations of love and light might be the very mutation that undercuts enough of our moorings to perform an extraction. So much of our best and brightest secular talent is rallied around the rocket science of next-worlding, of re-contextualizing individuals, that I can suppose that even our tuning out of nature is, in the longest of runs, also The voice of nature, having its say to, or through, who presumed to be able to refuse to listen. If we hear whether we misinterpret or not, why not attend more directly to the alternative translations such as we find in this blog?

  2. Kerry, better that we listen and attend to our "hearing" than listen to what we're told and ignore the physical realities that stare us in the face. Thank you for adding your insight!

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