Sunday, December 31, 2023

Setting Sights on 2024 with Gratitude



In the Fall of 1803, the color-blind Quaker John Dalton proposed that nature could be understood through the “simplicity rule” that gave us our modern “atomic” model of reality.  Proposing the distinction of elements based on relative weights, his work preceded the later-century Russian dream that gave us Dimitri Mendeleev’s Periodic Table in 1869.  While “science” has dogmatically embraced the work of these 19th century natural philosophers, both of them arrived at their finest contributions through inspiration – not arduous experimentation.


2023 was a year haunted by the ghosts of these two obscure figures of history.  Dalton’s atomization has become the social engineering model of choice reducing the complexity of society into contrived dualism.  “Pro” and “Anti” have served to render thought and consideration anathema to nuanced humanity.  With vapid chronicity, those who seek to peddle their animus rely on tired memes in an effort to conscript the reflexive atrophied hordes into Pavlovian-frenzied conspiracies seeking the valence of those who have anemic discernment exsanguinated by the anonymized keyboards from which their vigilantism can spew.  We are, in a word, a world divided.  But not by substance.  Rather, we are actively BEING divided.


So, in this final communication of 2023, it is my desire, as it is each year, to reflect on the Litany of the Saints who, despite this maelstrom of division, have stood to build a more connected humanity.  And, as in each year, I recite those who have had greatest impact in my life, each one I mention represents a throng of others who embody attributes that have made this year one that advanced the cause of humanity in my direct experience.


David Lopez left an indelible mark on this year.  Through his fraternity and generosity, my life was enriched in every dimension.  His passion for distributing the important public messages I had to share amplified the great contributions of Mikki Willis, the late Dr. Zev Zelenko, and countless others expanding the reach of conversations with Seth Holehouse, Tommy Robinson, Russell Brand, and the appearances at the EU Parliament (organized by the ICS) and the UK Parliament (at the invitation of John Bowe and MP Andrew Bridgen).  His brother Daniel recalibrated my social media reach on X and other platforms.  In business, he facilitated the invaluable connection to global luminaries like Robbie Lavia, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, John Eleoterio, Tom Williams, Ernie Lee, Xavier Adsera, and many more.   Above all, David stood shoulder-to-shoulder in every moment of the year affording me what few in life ever experience – fidelity above and beyond duty.


Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg and Malue Montclairre served to step into a role that once was occupied by my dear late sister Theresa Arek.  These women – along with the likes of Marla Maples, Linda Swain, Dr. Crisanna Shackelford – placed the importance of informing the public above their personal reputation and interest and showed a relentless commitment to advance the betterment of humanity in the face of relentless opposition.  Through their work and the support of Lilly Defina, several of my public presentations reached over half the world’s population.  And while detractors have attempted to attack my character or credential, not one has succeeded in undermining the reach of incontrovertible facts or our relentless commitment to their faithful representation.


For another year, my colleagues and investors at M•CAM International, Purple Bridge Funds, Activate Clean Energy LLC, and RASA Energy Inc. have honored me with the confidence to lead these organizations through challenging economic times and end the year with each organization at its strongest, best capitalized, and most globally impactful position in each companies’ respective life.  In contrast to the saccharin-fueled ‘leadership’ aspirations sold by commercial industry, I’ve done my best to enshrine the values of accountability and integrity befitting leadership bestowed, not sought.  These values, enshrined in the Cyropaedia by Xenophon are echoed in the soon to be released book, Bringing the Right Arm Back: a Journey in Sufi Corporate Leadership, by my dear friend and colleague Dr. Moustapha Sarhank.


The community of alumni and friends of Kim and my Fully Live and Breathing Enterprise workshops have continued to enrich our lives.  After last year’s inaugural 12 Senses workshop in Boulder Colorado (there are still a few spots left for the one upcoming in two weeks at we were able to see hundreds of people engaging their lives more fully and become greater contributors to a better humanity.  These efforts concluded this year with Kim and my one-day event at the Church of Glad Tidings in Yuba City California where we discussed ways in which we could take more responsibility for the lives we experience and make a greater positive impact in the world around us (


This year, our family grew with the birth of our first granddaughter.  The kids have been a source of considerable joy with new beginnings – from first steps to university – punctuating the year.


It is fitting to end this message with the acknowledgement of Kim.  It is incomprehensible to see the chasm that has been placed in the way of men and women finding a path to genuine harmony.  From callous societal tropes and cliché maxims to genuine animosity and derision, the enmity sown in our earliest myths and stories has ensured that most people never find the capacity for unfettered union and the possibilities thereof.  In this year, I’ve been honored to strive with Kim to see our pure, undefiled essence emerge so that we, man and woman, can contemplate and experience an unconstrained humanity.  This year has not been a luxurious repose in the garden.  It has involved delving into some of the darkest corners of our lives and removing that which does not serve our highest and best essence.  But, intrepid to the core (also read, stubborn), we have persisted and have emerged in the closing days of this year, more aligned in purpose, more united in vision, and more convinced that the greater song of humanity is yet unsung.  And hand-in-hand, we enter 2024 rejuvenated in the promise of that which is possible when Light shines in the darkness and we chose connection rather than distinction.



Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Oh, Those Gullible Christians…If Only They Knew



 Warning: This post contains triggers, offensive observations, and identifies as neutral (even tho it isn’t)


Every now and then I read the writings and postings of those with whom I share little in common so that I can observe the world through alternative lenses.  Having been raised in a family in which “truth” was curated from a myopic, willfully occluded pious religious perspective – one that selectively curates passages from the Bible as “truth” while rationalizing out all others as irrelevant to the “times” – my impulse is, in part, a calibration on my own perspective and its derivative understandings.  In point of fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone who celebrates “truth” who doesn’t conflate the term with a perspective entirely coherent to their own at the expense of all others.  Truth, after all, is a weapon derived from the tyranny of hierarchy and its wielding is merely a feeble attempt to silence perspective.  Like “laws” of physics or nature, their reification only precludes a genuine observation of the ever-unfolding evidence of infinitely orthogonal perspective limited only by dogma – both explicit and implicit.

A few days ago, I found myself reading a New York Times op-ed (“Tucker Carlson’s Dark and Malign Influence Over the Christian Right”, by David French, May 7, 2023) railing against Tucker Carlson’s influence on what are classified by the author to be conservative, evangelical Christians.  Common to the critiques of former President Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and others, allegations of misogyny, bigotry, and classism were strewn about with the publicly recorded facts and rumor-based innuendo from former colleagues, leaked e-mails and the like.  To be abundantly clear, I do not endorse or ignore the public record which includes moments I find ranging from reprehensible to sophomorically crude.  Given my lack of familiarity with Mr. Carlson, I am in no position to comment on veracity of the matters of private or collegial character.  I can listen to Mr. Carlson’s content and – common to virtually everyone I’ve heard in any media – find some content interesting and some distasteful. 


But a closer examination of the op-ed was the implication of the diminution of the class of society labeled as the Christian Right.  The underlying message was one of faux consternation about the malleability and hypocrisy of the ‘religious right’ in America.  And, while I have much to say about this topic in general, it was the moral superiority subtext that drew my attention.


The article was shared (and ‘liked’) in many of the communities who actively promoted the medical countermeasures (MCM) deployed during the social sabotage marketed as COVID-19.   Setting aside that ALL of the public purveyors (media, governmental, and marketing prostitution) of the MCM have now been forced by the evidence to disavow statements regarding masking, school closures, safety and efficacy of experimental therapies, etc. (what a moral observer might classify as a “LIE”); and setting aside the March 2023 publication “Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis after anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination” published in Clin Res Caridiol which clearly evidenced death from the MCM (what a moral observer might classify as statistically justifiable “MURDER”); we are invited to find Mr. Carlson’s message unacceptable while paying no attention to the degree to which religion – from Mormon to Muslim from Pope to Pastor – was used to coerce the public into taking actions that, in the fulness of time have been shown to be objectively false and deadly.


Be assured that this matter cuts closely to the bone.  I’ve lost family, relationships, and all manner of benefit for asking for accountability and transparency equivalently applied.  I have not asked for agreement – just consistency.  And to date, I’ve not met a single person prepared to rise to that standard.  While offering no evidence to refute a single statement I have made in public or private over the past 3 years, I’m merely canceled and ignored by those who once celebrated my uncommon perspective. 


I’ve lived every day of my life under the specter of dogma and its evil twins “right” and “shame”.  And it is with a bit of irony that I found myself agreeing with the author of the op-ed in a rather fundamental way.  Insofar as the critique was on the idolatry of selective hypocrisy – where stated values can be suspended for the “greater good” – I find myself in vigorous agreement.  And this is where the article – if seen for its commentary value – has a great deal to offer.  Would that we, as a society, examine the degree to which religion has served as the syringe through which the opioid of suppressing inquiry is delivered to the masses!  Would that we hold those in influence and power accountable to our highest standards rather that “locker-room” trash talk!  All fair points.


But, my dear New York Times reader…

Before we cast aspersions on the gullible religious right, how about we engage in a dialog that includes enough self-reflection such as it might inspire a bit of objectivity?  Where is the coverage on media suppression of now commonly accepted facts that were classified BY THE New York Times as mis- or disinformation just months ago?  Where is the effort to purge “Fact Checking” that was clearly false and misleading so that besmirched reputations can be cleared?  Where is the author’s consternation in the FACT that we know have a proliferation of speech suppression bills and laws that suggest that questioning the narrative of authority is “domestic terrorism” while the very institutions seeking defense have been indicted by their own evidence as having lied to the public?


As recently as a few days ago, my statement that mRNA injections were classified as “experimental gene therapy” by the FDA in April 2020 was “fact-checked” as “false”.  This, despite the fact that I am reciting the exact statements made by Moderna and BioNTech in their SEC Filings of April and June of 2020.

“Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA.  Unlike certain gene therapies that irreversibly alter cell DNA and could act as a source of side effects, mRNA-based medicines are designed not to irreversibly change cell DNA; however side effects observed in gene therapy could negatively impact the perception of mRNA medicines despite the differences in mechanisms.  The number and design of clinical trials and preclinical studies required for approval of these types of medicines have not been established…”

You think?


Apparently, the enlightened religious elite – those who celebrate Mr. French’s version of morality – take solace in the presumption that statistically estimated “lifesaving” triumphs over AUTOPSY based evidence.  After all, the Good Shepherd always plays the law of numbers, right?  He stays with the 99 while leaving the 1 lost sheep to the wolves.


If COVID-19 taught us anything it should that dogmatic belief, once again, has proven deadly.  From the early falsified models of “pandemic” to the carnage wrought by the containment and MCM, we have seen humanity sacrificed on the altar of statistics and, lo, no ram was in the thicket to save us.  The blade killed the children.  But let’s cut the crap!  Let him without a retracted statistic cast the first stone.


…and looking up, he saw no one standing there.


“Neither do I accuse thee.”



Thursday, March 2, 2023

Eruditio et Religio and the Great Asbury Revival


There are over 40 references in the Bible to the idea that repentance – the capacity to see error and not only turn from it but also make restitution for harm – is prerequisite for forgiveness.  February’s nearly two-week revival at Asbury University in Kentucky concluded just days before the release of Jon Erwin and Brent McCorkle’s film Jesus Revolution.  I’m NOT saying that these events were associated or exploited by Lionsgate but I’m simply asking a question.


On August 19, 2021, Asbury University announced their return-to-campus policy on COVID-19.  In the President’s note to the community, he recited the CDC’s lie that vaccination would somehow make the campus community safer. 

“Recent data tells us hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 are primarily concentrated among non-vaccinated individuals. Moreover, while there are “breakthrough cases” (vaccinated individuals who contract COVID-19), hospitalization rates are strikingly low (.0004 as of July 26) and sickness is generally experienced as less severe. Therefore, the proportion of vaccinated individuals in our community will matter.

Students were encouraged to upload their vaccination cards or participate in a campus-sponsored vaccine clinic at the commencement of the school year.  Mask wearing was, according to him, “Godly Wisdom” and led to his unfortunate mask mandates. 


It was February 3, 1970, when another major “revival” broke loose on Asbury’s campus.  I’m sure someone out there has an Aquarian metaphor for this symmetry!  Coming on the heels of the charismatic movement, the “Jesus Movement” was a major influence for the events portrayed in the Jesus Revolution film.


A close examination of the financial statements of Asbury University reveals that, during COVID, the University was paid $4,448,000 by the Federal Government for its participation in the COVID PPP socialist incentive program.  And while this sum pales in comparison to the Catholic Diocese of Covington’s $10 million, it still presents a problem.  Here’s a university who adopted Duke University’s motto, “Eruditio et Religio”, who hid behind “Godly wisdom” to promote masking and injections and who, for two weeks, hosted a “revival” celebrated around the world and…


…at NO POINT did the University use that national and international spotlight to REPENT of its COVID complicity. 


I started out by stating that I’m not saying the revival and the film’s release had anything to do with each other.  But I am simply asking the same question I asked regarding Event 201 and Dustin Moskovitz’s funding of the Johns Hopkins, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and World Economic Forum event in October 2019 which foreshadowed the “pandemic”.  If the fruit of a thing doesn’t match the thing, is it possible that the tree is not what you think it is?


I will freely admit that I’m a casualty of the 1970s “revival”.  Lonnie Frisbee and Chuck Smith along with their Southern California adherents had profound effects on my life (or lack thereof).  But I want to point out that if we’re not willing to apply the same discernment on the institution we call the church that we apply to the World Economic Forum, is there a chance that we may be Blinded By the light… that isn’t Light?



Saturday, December 31, 2022

Santa’s Soot – Time to Sweep the Chimney of 2022



To avoid confusion, the environmentally ‘woke’ Vatican adds potassium perchlorate (a thyroid disruptor), anthracene (coal tar – a greenhouse no-no), and sulphur (a breathing irritant) to conclave smoke to signify that a pope has not yet been chosen.  Apparently, like their other health-conscious recommendations on genetic modification of humans, Pope Benedict’s commitment to equivocate on morality is the will of “God’s Vicar on Earth”.  But, hey, whether it was the Hitler Youth membership, the reallocation of predator priests, or the will of Fauci, the church has long served the Constantinian master in whose image and likeness it was formed in the 4th and 5th century.  And what should we expect from a religion who allowed a mass-murdering Roman to define the heart and will of the Prince of Peace?


Thankfully, we won't have smoke on January 5, 2023 from another post-modern conclave.  Cardinal Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) died on this last day of 2022 and it wouldn’t surprise me to see his veneration debate begin not longer after his body is interred in St. Peter’s Basilica.  The Vatican already announced the decision on burial location was so that his remains could be “greeted by the faithful.”  Which got me thinking, as I sat to write my last communication of 2022:  Who are “the faithful”?


And at the risk of boring you, allow me a generous quote from my book Lizards Eat Butterflies: An Antidote To The Self-Help Addiction

Faith.  Defined as “trust or confidence in someone or something,” faith requires the assumption that your own existence, perception and experience is inadequate and must rely on an ‘other’.  For faith to flourish, inadequacy and lack of confidence must be manufactured through the art of intimidation or seduction.  Who are the someones and what are the somethings that are supposed to be that in which we place our confidence?  That’s where it gets really crazy.  You’re told to place faith in people who first must tell a story that you don’t completely understand and then ask you to accept its importance. 

“They” – the gods, the aliens, the all-powerful Other, parents, politicians, teachers, clergy, associates – know something; tell you part of their story (usually the part that requires you to feel inadequate at some level); and, then ask you to place trust and confidence in their ability to look after you.  You’re not enough and you need.  What do you need?  Well, that’s unclear when faith is introduced.  After all, these stories begin with inaccessible stories, myths and legends all placed in a ‘before’ which makes it perfectly clear that you – usually when you’re young – could have no chance in verifying any piece of them.  Once delivered – in recited story, song, or language – questioning is overtly or covertly prohibited.  And by the time you’re old enough to really think for yourself, your entire lexicon is delivered to you by those who seek your faith.  Clever, isn’t it?  Someone creates the illusion into which you need to fit; forces you to accept that perspective as the ‘right’ one, and then asks you to place your faith in them or their worldview.  The net effect – you surrogate your identity to another.


2022 was a year that indicted nearly all “faith”.  We were told to place our “trust” (a cunning corollary to faith) in “science” – a social seduction only available in a world where every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, the masses are told to ignore reality for an accepted cosmological and eschatological narrative.  Because if we were capable of critical thought, we would recognize that an intervention reportedly capable of blocking the infection by, or transmission of, a disease that doesn’t do either is a wolf in sheep’s clothing meant to destroy the flock…of sheep.  But from the womb, we’ve been hypnotized with the Nicaean-style propaganda that exterminated thought in favor of ‘faith’.  We would no more recognize our prophets today if they walked amongst us than those among whom they actually walked when incarnate.


So, on this last communication of 2022, I thought I’d take a diversion.  Usually, I try to recount my litany of the saints of the year past – those who greatly impacted my life for whom I have extraordinary gratitude.  This year, borrowing from Integral Accounting, I will instead highlight attributes worthy of veneration and those in whom I’ve seen these incarnated.  Because, like St. Martin, it's not what you say you believe, it's not what you allege to be your doctrine; rather, it's what you do with your cloak when you see someone in need on the side of the road that matters.  And, unlike the late pope, doing the RIGHT thing means violating the incumbent rules, damn the consequences, because it's the right thing to do.  The people I celebrate know what's right and seek to do it!


Commodity – the Nature of Matter and Energy

While my life’s closest connections to the stewards of lands are inextricably bound to Papua New Guinea and my dear friends Theresa Arek (Amruqa), the Daveona family (Bougainville), and Pana Wiya (Village Growers), my focus this year has been quite different.  Working together with Dr. William Wismann, James Purpura, Jeremy Davey, Steve Byle, Coby Crawford, Denise Grigsby, Bob Kendall and Tony Buda and our amazing technical team we’ve embarked on a solution to one of energy’s biggest public challenges.  Honored to see similar efforts undertaken by MAD Energy, Phoenix, and others, we’re working to bring practical solutions to the nonsense of ‘environmental sensibility’ and put credibility into the façade marketed as ESG.


Custom & Culture – the nature of our interactions

From Dr. Zev Zelenko’s virtual address this spring to my many invitations, Dave and Cheryl Bryan and the Church of Glad Tidings community have been my first experience of a church actually living its values and during this year, have been a constant source of encouragement and fellowship.  Courageous communicators and thought-leaders like Mikki Willis, Del Bigtree, Pete Evans, Dr. Peter McCullough, Shack, Stew Peters, Dr. Jane Ruby, Clay Clark, JP Sears, Tim White, Dr. Lori Cardellino, Natalia Rose, Brad Cummings, Seth Holehouse, Russell Brand, Leila Centner, Norbert Schwarzer, Troy von Brauke, and many others have demonstrated the endangered art of engaging in thoughtful communication without resorting to the diminution of their friends or foes.


Knowledge – the transmissivity of wisdom and perspective

As many of you know, this year, enabled by a generous friend’s donation, Kim and I launched the Federal lawsuit on the CMS Mandate in Utah.  Working with the amazing team of Dr. Devan Griner, George Wentz and his legal team (the team that got facemasks off airplanes!), Stan Graham, and John Hewlett, we achieved a beachhead in the fight against medical tyranny.  Working with many of the people listed above, hundreds of millions of people around the world heard information that no major media outlet would disseminate and, thankfully, informed by that, the reckless criminal pharmaceutical empire is seeing its flagship agenda sink.  Working with global-reaching partners like David Lopez, Foster Coulson and the Liberty team we’ve been able to propagate messages far more effectively using the very tools that the incumbency sought to corrupt.  Most recently, many of the relationships set in motion by my dear friend, brother and colleague Dr. Moustapha Sarhank have re-emerged after over a decade of latency.


Money – the temporary storage of value

Managing the Purple Bridge funds and our related investments through 2022 has been a lesson in fiscal stewardship in the face of market and central bank tomfoolery.  The M•CAM team continues to perform at a world-class level and our commitment to transparency is all the more relevant in the face of the recent Democratic Party-enabled FTX debacle.  The full faith and confidence in monetary systems has been rapidly eroding to irrelevance making room for the alumni of our Integral Accounting Asset Management course to soar into relevance. 


Technology – the enablement of consensus experience

Dr. Bill Wismann and I have enjoyed another remarkable year of engineering success and together with our best-in-class technical team, have achieved many breakthroughs in materials and their core behaviors.  My work on nuclear orthogonal∞valence is rapidly altering the understanding of atomic and molecular structures along with radically altering the fallacy of DNA-based genetics.  In 2023, public examples of this transformation will be in commercial use.  Kim’s continued encouragement on disseminating our information on diverse modalities has connected us to the world – a community that continues to grow.


Well-being – the system engaging at its optimum

One cannot reflect on the past year without celebrating the contributions of Frank, Debbie, Angel, Keith, Amanda, Carla, Tim and the host of Fully Live alumni that have enriched our lives in immeasurable ways.  In each meeting, conference, or gathering, knowing that we are connected as friends across the country and around the world is one of life’s greatest gifts.  The ever-present assurance that we’re connected is the most valuable resonant chord around which the symphony of life is played.  Amanda Gore and the Gratitude Group who, without fail, illumines each of my days are of inestimable value.  My amazing children have given me the opportunity to see that my role in generations is in transition and the world that is to come is one that will be dynamic, amazing, and unrecognizable!  And above all, my life, my love and my breath – the sunrise that blesses each morning and the last taper to extinguish in the night, I’m grateful that Kim and I have found coherence in this our Sabbatical year.  The years of plenty are upon us, my love and my reverence for you grows with each passing day.


These, my dear friends, are those who stand among the throngs of good people who stand together against all the hordes of darkness that amassed in 2022 as the beacons of light and goodwill to all!  Let us build even greater signal fires in 2023 and warm the earth with more goodness!



Friday, December 31, 2021

Eis ignosce inquit, Nam non sciunt quid eos facere – 2021 Benediction



Forgive their actions in ignorance, for they know not what they do!  These words, reportedly stated by Jesus during the heinous act of Roman soldiers driving nails through his hands and feet, seem to be fitting as a benediction for 2021.  Countless physicians, nurses, and pharmacists, using their own sharp objects, have participated in the greatest mass hypnosis harm perpetrated on humanity in recorded history. 


Never before have ‘healers’ engaged in an orchestrated act of domestic terrorism at the scale seen in 2021.  Now, with the passing of the year of murder and injury under the fig leaf excuse of “public health”, we see that my warning in 2020 has come true.  While marketing an experimental gene therapy as a technology to prevent infection and transmission of a contrived ‘disease’, we’ve witnessed the death and harm to humans sacrificed on the altar of pseudo-science.  As of this writing on the last day of 2021, nearly 731,432 people in the U.S. have been killed (9,765) or harmed by industrial pharmaceutical companies acting under the organized crime regime of Dr. Anthony Fauci.  And in a nuance lost by EVERY fact-checking organization, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and the PREP Act’s Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) (repeatedly stated to be ‘unreliable’ by the promoters of the injections) is required to be accurate by the 1986 statute and implied under the 2005 Act, respectively. If these not accurate, the immunity shield protecting manufacturers is rendered moot!


Quite possibly, one of the greatest ironies of the plandemic has been the emasculation of the institution of religion.  Once the “moral” guide for social values standing against scientific eugenics, we’ve seen the church pay the price for the 30 pieces of silver the State offered in exchange for abject fealty to fear and terror.  With shuttered doors and silenced prophetic voices, we’ve seen the evisceration of morality with the embrace of gene therapy and its coming progeny, CRISPR.  What was morally reprehensible when sheep were cloned in 1996 has now been embraced by the lambs at the slaughter!


With the advent of 2022, we stand on precipice of a world in which the mutant hybrid will seek to crush the organic wild type.  Mao’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) was merely a caricature of the Global Reset tyranny unleashed across the globe today.  To date, not one elected official, not one law enforcement agency, and not one activist organization has stood in the face of the criminal conspiracy that continues to persist without opposition.  While I’ve met with thousands of people who are aghast in the face of what is happening, to date, very few have stepped forward to assist in bringing the real perpetrators to justice.


But it is THOSE who have that are my gratitude for the year past. 


Most timely, I’m grateful to my friend and colleague George Wentz, who, on this New Years Eve, for the FIRST TIME in any legal proceeding, filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in which he DID NOT cede the linguistic stipulation of “vaccines” when referring to the Spike Protein bioweapon.  Filing on behalf of America’s Frontline Doctors in opposition to the horrific and misleading 6th Circuit OSHA ruling, our collaboration represents the first submission to any U.S. court in which we do not fall for the World Health Organization’s February 11, 2020 trap in which ALL of humanity has been ensnared!


I am grateful, in this year past, for Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) who has been willing to give a voice to those who are harmed by the bioweapon sold as a medical countermeasure.


I am grateful for Utah Senators Stuart Adams and Kirk Cullimore who have been willing to be educated on the criminal conspiracy upon the recommendation of Stanford Graham and John Hewlett.


I am grateful for Frank Priebe, Debbie Torrance, Amanda Jackson, Tim and Carla White, Denise Grigsby, Jean Derderian, and the Fully Live alumni who have been relentless in their sharing of vital content.


I am grateful for the alternative media platforms and people like Stew Peters, Dr. Jane Ruby, Lara Logan, Ben Swann, The Highwire, Mikki Willis and the Elevate Team, Don Neuen and Donna Fiducia, Clay Clark, Pete Santilli, Cal Calahan, Kyle Kingsbury, Denby Jane, Pat Armisted, Pete Evans, Emily Moyer, Dani Katz, James Howard Kunstler, Bryan Ardis, Seth Holhouse, Patrick Gentempo, Jeff Hays, Sherri Tenpenny, Christiane Northrup, Bryan Ingram, HRTX, and countless others who have taken the time to educate their audiences on the crimes being committed and the actions we can take.


I’m grateful to James Purpura and the Activate Humanity community for their relentless commitment to engage in civil discourse at a time when controversy and bellicosity is the norm.


I’m grateful for the endless encouragement from my dear friends Bob Kendall, Amanda Gore, and the Living Abundantly family and Dave Bryan's beautiful community at Church of Glad Tidings. 


I am grateful to my beautiful kids who serve as constant inspiration for the generations to come and for the tangible expression of that which is unfolding. 


And, as I take my intrepid leap into the coming of 2022, I’m grateful for my wife Kim.  While the journey of life with me is not one for the faint of heart, that she has stood resolute in the face of the adversity that has been directed my way for my outspoken positions is a tribute her indomitable spirit. 


And in a bit of fun, I’m grateful to those who, unable to find fault with my words spoken in truth, have decided to assassinate my character by their fantasies about symbols and imagery.  While they seek to decipher ‘meaning’ behind my corporate logo, my totems and graphics, they miss the fact that symbols are those things that remind us to consider that which is the unseen essence within.  So, for everyone who is motivated to look for hidden meanings, I offer this symbol of the passing year.  Let’s see if we can guess it’s meaning!  Hint: it may have something to do with the opening of this blog.  Have fun!



Saturday, November 27, 2021

Keeping Thanksgiving…every day of the year



My ancestor David Martin died November 10, 1784, in what is now Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  Born into conflict of church and state in the inhospitable city of Zurich in 1691, at the age of 26 he was to see his father lost to 15 years in prison for standing against state tyranny as an outspoken critic of state propaganda.  Never knowing whether he would see his father again, he took a one-way trip to Pennsylvania and carved the Martin family name into American history – the son of a heretic.


In discussions around our dining room table in the early 1970s, I recall my father’s moral conflict with then-Governor Ronald Reagan’s requirement that all teachers in colleges and universities in California sign a loyalty oath.  For centuries, the faith of our family prohibited the pledging of oaths based on the mandate attributed to Jesus in Matthew 5:34, “
But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God's throne”.  While countless others had wiggled their way around this by taking the court-authorized bypass of “affirming” testimony, I recall my father (in consultation with my illustrious maternal grandfather William Parsons) wrestling with the recognition that these had the same effect under the law and therefore didn’t pass moral muster.  When we left California to return to the Martin enclave in Pennsylvania, one of the reasons for our migration across the country was my father’s unwillingness to swear fealty to a government mandate.


While certainly not a 15-year prison term Trachselwald Castle in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland, I watched my father – the same man who went to peace marches in protest of the Vietnam War; the same man who welcomed drug-addicted college students into our home; the same man who would bring strangers to Thanksgiving dinners – extinguish his predilections to being the heretic under the weight of conformity.  And it is with great irony that the same faith that refused to let their babies be baptized by the Lutheran and Catholic churches now rushes to roll up their sleeves for the bioweapon promoted by the State!  In the 1,667 years of Martins who stood against imperial tyranny, we now find our familial tradition acquiescing to fear at long last…ALMOST.


Like all generations that came before, it is not the masses – be they family, community, faith, or tribe – who steel their resolve against the inertial force of imperialists of land, mind, or soul.  While being named for the god of war (Mars), the vast majority of our clan have sought the pastural existence of tilling the earth, procreating, bordering on gluttony, and returning to the fertile ground from which the next year’s crop will emerge.  In every generation, there have been the heretics (and the almost heretics) who have taken a ‘road less traveled by’.  They have tasted death, exile, destitution, and loss but have found within themselves the indomitable essence that infuses their spirit in the face of opposition.  And while most never tasted acclaim, they have all advanced the cause of humanity.


As I heard the voices of small children call the invocation of Thanksgiving morning this year (the 1- and 5-year-old children of our guests), I reflected on the purity of this Thanksgiving morning.  I awoke in the loving embrace of my beautiful wife, who like the intrepid few who know the endless presence of fully living, crossed a sea to be with me in Virginia.  I prepared a feast bounteously enriched by the kindness of one of our Fully Live alumni and his organic farm.  The house warmed with the fragrance of steaming food and flowing drinks. 


And in each moment, I recognized that only one thing was lacking this year.  Sitting at the table with fellowship abuzz, I realized that missing from this Thanksgiving was the pretense of maintaining illusions of family and ‘friends’ that share nothing of common values.  I realized that being true to my celebration of Thanksgiving means to be in coherence with those past, present and future who embrace the perfection of each moment and are willing to stand in the full light of truth regardless of its popularity.  I was, in its truest sense, THANKFUL.


This year, my thanks are overflowing:


To the Church of Glad Tidings and its pastors Dave and Cheryl Bryan and Christo Hartman’s introduction to them;

To the alumni of the Fully Live workshops;

To the global community of Butterfly of the Week and Activate Humanity;

To Mikki Willis, his family and team for their tireless fellowship;

To the tireless kaleidoscope of friends across the globe who enliven my life; and,

To the remanent of family that values love over conformity…


I give thanks.




Sunday, July 4, 2021

Sweet Land of Liberty, Of Thee I Sing


“The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance”

John Philpot Curran, July 10, 1790


On September 30, 1727, David Martin walked off the ship Molly with a heavy heart.  The 36-year-old had witnessed the death and sea burial of his wife Anna during the crossing.  His father, Christian Martin, was still in prison in Europe having been jailed for his faith.  Making his way from Philadelphia to East Earl Township, he commenced farming the 370 acre plot he acquired from the family of William Penn for the sum of 57 pounds, 7 shillings.  In 1748, reunited with his father in Pennsylvania, it was written of them, “With him was also their father, still living, an old man of 79 years.  Especially the old man and his son David loving toward us.”


Born in Bern, Switzerland around 1691, David knew a life of persecution.  Born into the heretical tradition of the Mennonites, he would enter the unfortunate designation of being a “Poor Palatine” – a term given to the Swiss German religious outcast migrants from the region of southwestern Germany.  Precisely how he and 300 people made it to Rotterdam, Holland to get to John Hodgeson’s ship is not clear.  But it’s reasonable to expect that the trip through war infested, Catholic / Lutheran conflict filled lands was not an easy exercise.  And then, there’s the matter of crossing the Atlantic Ocean during the late summer months – not the best time to travel!  So, albeit bittersweet, I’m certain that the planks on the dock in Philadelphia offered the percussion of a song of liberty that ignited considerable relief.


I’m deeply grateful for the meticulous records I have of my family.  I love the stories of David’s father bringing a German scythe to the “new world” so that he could help his sons harvest the abundant wheat that grew along the Blue Ball Run.  I love the records of my family’s friend writing to George Washington pleading for clemency for my ancestors who provided food to British soldiers with their reference to the Biblical mandate, “If thine enemy hungers, feed him.”  And I’m grateful to Amos Hoover, Raymond and Elizabeth Martin and countless others who preserved the relics of our family so that I could hold them today.


On this July 4th, 2021, I find it fascinating that a nation celebrates “Independence” when the previous 20 months have completely indicted the dereliction thereof.  This land, defined by the mercantile patronage of industry, is more enslaved today than it was in 1776.  Then we had a monarch.  Now we have CEOs and their anonymous funders who tax far more than the fruits of our lands.  Then we had philosopher statesmen who were articulate, learned, and capable of debate.  Now we have Twitter-feed censorship curated by men who crafted utilities solely designed to indenture and addict.  After 245 years, we’re less capable to consider Liberty than when migrants boarded ships in Europe to begin life in America.


How few of us actually read the Declaration’s most critical and sober section? 


“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.


Living, as we are, under an alleged State of Emergency that has persisted for 18 months, with neither evidence nor criteria for an exit, it is manifestly evident that, even granting the presence of the scourge of plague that gave rise to the present condition, we no longer maintain the illusion thereof.  Notwithstanding the evidence, we find ourselves subjected to “abuses and usurpations” and efforts to reduce society under “absolute Despotism”.  Most recently, and without a single piece of evidence, we’ve been advised that the healthy pose a risk of mutagenicity that the acquiescent do not.  In point of fact, a January 28, 2021 article stated that, though the efficacy of gene therapy interventions “is not strictly proven, most… researchers believe,” that S-protein intervention works.  HOWEVER, in this study, they report concern that variants may in fact arise from the very technology being used.


On this day, we celebrate the acquiescence of 47.8% of the population to kneel at the macabre mass served by Presidential and Papal Bull$#1+.  But, in the spirit of this Land of Liberty, the song that should be growing across the land is not the celebration of the monarchs and tyrants.  Rather it is the song of the 51.2% - the song of We The People – who, while coerced, threatened, and belittled, will not offer quarter to the enemy that is FEAR, COERCION, and DESPOTISM. 


So, on this July 4th, find a link to the song from Broadway’s Les Miserables and play it loudly…


Do you hear the people sing?

Singing the songs of angry men?

It is the music of the people

Who will not be slaves again!

When the beating of your heart

Echoes the beating of the drums

There is a life about to start

When tomorrow comes!