Saturday, December 31, 2022

Santa’s Soot – Time to Sweep the Chimney of 2022



To avoid confusion, the environmentally ‘woke’ Vatican adds potassium perchlorate (a thyroid disruptor), anthracene (coal tar – a greenhouse no-no), and sulphur (a breathing irritant) to conclave smoke to signify that a pope has not yet been chosen.  Apparently, like their other health-conscious recommendations on genetic modification of humans, Pope Benedict’s commitment to equivocate on morality is the will of “God’s Vicar on Earth”.  But, hey, whether it was the Hitler Youth membership, the reallocation of predator priests, or the will of Fauci, the church has long served the Constantinian master in whose image and likeness it was formed in the 4th and 5th century.  And what should we expect from a religion who allowed a mass-murdering Roman to define the heart and will of the Prince of Peace?


Thankfully, we won't have smoke on January 5, 2023 from another post-modern conclave.  Cardinal Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) died on this last day of 2022 and it wouldn’t surprise me to see his veneration debate begin not longer after his body is interred in St. Peter’s Basilica.  The Vatican already announced the decision on burial location was so that his remains could be “greeted by the faithful.”  Which got me thinking, as I sat to write my last communication of 2022:  Who are “the faithful”?


And at the risk of boring you, allow me a generous quote from my book Lizards Eat Butterflies: An Antidote To The Self-Help Addiction

Faith.  Defined as “trust or confidence in someone or something,” faith requires the assumption that your own existence, perception and experience is inadequate and must rely on an ‘other’.  For faith to flourish, inadequacy and lack of confidence must be manufactured through the art of intimidation or seduction.  Who are the someones and what are the somethings that are supposed to be that in which we place our confidence?  That’s where it gets really crazy.  You’re told to place faith in people who first must tell a story that you don’t completely understand and then ask you to accept its importance. 

“They” – the gods, the aliens, the all-powerful Other, parents, politicians, teachers, clergy, associates – know something; tell you part of their story (usually the part that requires you to feel inadequate at some level); and, then ask you to place trust and confidence in their ability to look after you.  You’re not enough and you need.  What do you need?  Well, that’s unclear when faith is introduced.  After all, these stories begin with inaccessible stories, myths and legends all placed in a ‘before’ which makes it perfectly clear that you – usually when you’re young – could have no chance in verifying any piece of them.  Once delivered – in recited story, song, or language – questioning is overtly or covertly prohibited.  And by the time you’re old enough to really think for yourself, your entire lexicon is delivered to you by those who seek your faith.  Clever, isn’t it?  Someone creates the illusion into which you need to fit; forces you to accept that perspective as the ‘right’ one, and then asks you to place your faith in them or their worldview.  The net effect – you surrogate your identity to another.


2022 was a year that indicted nearly all “faith”.  We were told to place our “trust” (a cunning corollary to faith) in “science” – a social seduction only available in a world where every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, the masses are told to ignore reality for an accepted cosmological and eschatological narrative.  Because if we were capable of critical thought, we would recognize that an intervention reportedly capable of blocking the infection by, or transmission of, a disease that doesn’t do either is a wolf in sheep’s clothing meant to destroy the flock…of sheep.  But from the womb, we’ve been hypnotized with the Nicaean-style propaganda that exterminated thought in favor of ‘faith’.  We would no more recognize our prophets today if they walked amongst us than those among whom they actually walked when incarnate.


So, on this last communication of 2022, I thought I’d take a diversion.  Usually, I try to recount my litany of the saints of the year past – those who greatly impacted my life for whom I have extraordinary gratitude.  This year, borrowing from Integral Accounting, I will instead highlight attributes worthy of veneration and those in whom I’ve seen these incarnated.  Because, like St. Martin, it's not what you say you believe, it's not what you allege to be your doctrine; rather, it's what you do with your cloak when you see someone in need on the side of the road that matters.  And, unlike the late pope, doing the RIGHT thing means violating the incumbent rules, damn the consequences, because it's the right thing to do.  The people I celebrate know what's right and seek to do it!


Commodity – the Nature of Matter and Energy

While my life’s closest connections to the stewards of lands are inextricably bound to Papua New Guinea and my dear friends Theresa Arek (Amruqa), the Daveona family (Bougainville), and Pana Wiya (Village Growers), my focus this year has been quite different.  Working together with Dr. William Wismann, James Purpura, Jeremy Davey, Steve Byle, Coby Crawford, Denise Grigsby, Bob Kendall and Tony Buda and our amazing technical team we’ve embarked on a solution to one of energy’s biggest public challenges.  Honored to see similar efforts undertaken by MAD Energy, Phoenix, and others, we’re working to bring practical solutions to the nonsense of ‘environmental sensibility’ and put credibility into the fa├žade marketed as ESG.


Custom & Culture – the nature of our interactions

From Dr. Zev Zelenko’s virtual address this spring to my many invitations, Dave and Cheryl Bryan and the Church of Glad Tidings community have been my first experience of a church actually living its values and during this year, have been a constant source of encouragement and fellowship.  Courageous communicators and thought-leaders like Mikki Willis, Del Bigtree, Pete Evans, Dr. Peter McCullough, Shack, Stew Peters, Dr. Jane Ruby, Clay Clark, JP Sears, Tim White, Dr. Lori Cardellino, Natalia Rose, Brad Cummings, Seth Holehouse, Russell Brand, Leila Centner, Norbert Schwarzer, Troy von Brauke, and many others have demonstrated the endangered art of engaging in thoughtful communication without resorting to the diminution of their friends or foes.


Knowledge – the transmissivity of wisdom and perspective

As many of you know, this year, enabled by a generous friend’s donation, Kim and I launched the Federal lawsuit on the CMS Mandate in Utah.  Working with the amazing team of Dr. Devan Griner, George Wentz and his legal team (the team that got facemasks off airplanes!), Stan Graham, and John Hewlett, we achieved a beachhead in the fight against medical tyranny.  Working with many of the people listed above, hundreds of millions of people around the world heard information that no major media outlet would disseminate and, thankfully, informed by that, the reckless criminal pharmaceutical empire is seeing its flagship agenda sink.  Working with global-reaching partners like David Lopez, Foster Coulson and the Liberty team we’ve been able to propagate messages far more effectively using the very tools that the incumbency sought to corrupt.  Most recently, many of the relationships set in motion by my dear friend, brother and colleague Dr. Moustapha Sarhank have re-emerged after over a decade of latency.


Money – the temporary storage of value

Managing the Purple Bridge funds and our related investments through 2022 has been a lesson in fiscal stewardship in the face of market and central bank tomfoolery.  The M•CAM team continues to perform at a world-class level and our commitment to transparency is all the more relevant in the face of the recent Democratic Party-enabled FTX debacle.  The full faith and confidence in monetary systems has been rapidly eroding to irrelevance making room for the alumni of our Integral Accounting Asset Management course to soar into relevance. 


Technology – the enablement of consensus experience

Dr. Bill Wismann and I have enjoyed another remarkable year of engineering success and together with our best-in-class technical team, have achieved many breakthroughs in materials and their core behaviors.  My work on nuclear orthogonal∞valence is rapidly altering the understanding of atomic and molecular structures along with radically altering the fallacy of DNA-based genetics.  In 2023, public examples of this transformation will be in commercial use.  Kim’s continued encouragement on disseminating our information on diverse modalities has connected us to the world – a community that continues to grow.


Well-being – the system engaging at its optimum

One cannot reflect on the past year without celebrating the contributions of Frank, Debbie, Angel, Keith, Amanda, Carla, Tim and the host of Fully Live alumni that have enriched our lives in immeasurable ways.  In each meeting, conference, or gathering, knowing that we are connected as friends across the country and around the world is one of life’s greatest gifts.  The ever-present assurance that we’re connected is the most valuable resonant chord around which the symphony of life is played.  Amanda Gore and the Gratitude Group who, without fail, illumines each of my days are of inestimable value.  My amazing children have given me the opportunity to see that my role in generations is in transition and the world that is to come is one that will be dynamic, amazing, and unrecognizable!  And above all, my life, my love and my breath – the sunrise that blesses each morning and the last taper to extinguish in the night, I’m grateful that Kim and I have found coherence in this our Sabbatical year.  The years of plenty are upon us, my love and my reverence for you grows with each passing day.


These, my dear friends, are those who stand among the throngs of good people who stand together against all the hordes of darkness that amassed in 2022 as the beacons of light and goodwill to all!  Let us build even greater signal fires in 2023 and warm the earth with more goodness!