Thursday, March 2, 2023

Eruditio et Religio and the Great Asbury Revival


There are over 40 references in the Bible to the idea that repentance – the capacity to see error and not only turn from it but also make restitution for harm – is prerequisite for forgiveness.  February’s nearly two-week revival at Asbury University in Kentucky concluded just days before the release of Jon Erwin and Brent McCorkle’s film Jesus Revolution.  I’m NOT saying that these events were associated or exploited by Lionsgate but I’m simply asking a question.


On August 19, 2021, Asbury University announced their return-to-campus policy on COVID-19.  In the President’s note to the community, he recited the CDC’s lie that vaccination would somehow make the campus community safer. 

“Recent data tells us hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 are primarily concentrated among non-vaccinated individuals. Moreover, while there are “breakthrough cases” (vaccinated individuals who contract COVID-19), hospitalization rates are strikingly low (.0004 as of July 26) and sickness is generally experienced as less severe. Therefore, the proportion of vaccinated individuals in our community will matter.

Students were encouraged to upload their vaccination cards or participate in a campus-sponsored vaccine clinic at the commencement of the school year.  Mask wearing was, according to him, “Godly Wisdom” and led to his unfortunate mask mandates. 


It was February 3, 1970, when another major “revival” broke loose on Asbury’s campus.  I’m sure someone out there has an Aquarian metaphor for this symmetry!  Coming on the heels of the charismatic movement, the “Jesus Movement” was a major influence for the events portrayed in the Jesus Revolution film.


A close examination of the financial statements of Asbury University reveals that, during COVID, the University was paid $4,448,000 by the Federal Government for its participation in the COVID PPP socialist incentive program.  And while this sum pales in comparison to the Catholic Diocese of Covington’s $10 million, it still presents a problem.  Here’s a university who adopted Duke University’s motto, “Eruditio et Religio”, who hid behind “Godly wisdom” to promote masking and injections and who, for two weeks, hosted a “revival” celebrated around the world and…


…at NO POINT did the University use that national and international spotlight to REPENT of its COVID complicity. 


I started out by stating that I’m not saying the revival and the film’s release had anything to do with each other.  But I am simply asking the same question I asked regarding Event 201 and Dustin Moskovitz’s funding of the Johns Hopkins, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and World Economic Forum event in October 2019 which foreshadowed the “pandemic”.  If the fruit of a thing doesn’t match the thing, is it possible that the tree is not what you think it is?


I will freely admit that I’m a casualty of the 1970s “revival”.  Lonnie Frisbee and Chuck Smith along with their Southern California adherents had profound effects on my life (or lack thereof).  But I want to point out that if we’re not willing to apply the same discernment on the institution we call the church that we apply to the World Economic Forum, is there a chance that we may be Blinded By the light… that isn’t Light?